Sea Turtle Adoption Program

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Welcome to Sea Turtle Adoption Program

About Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles are amongst the world longest lived creatures, with many beaching a lifespan of more than 100 years. Graceful swimmers that spend most of their time underwater, they have survived almost unchanged since the Triassic period, some 200 million years ago. However, the breeding habits that have served them so well for so long are now contributing to their extinction.


About Turtle Adoption Program

SARAWAK FORESTRY which allows you to actively participate in turtle conservation efforts by spending four days at the turtle conservation station on Pulau Talang-Talang Besar.This program aims to create awareness among public on the importance of sea turtles conservation and at the same time to encourage knowledge sharing on this noble conservation efforts.


Activities At Turtle's Islands

What are the activities during our stay at the turtle's islands in Sarawak?

Volunteers will be given opportunities to involve in:

  • Beach patrolling
  • Transferring turtle eggs to hatchery
  • Releasing of hatchlings
  • Data recording
  • Nest analysis
  • Research, education and conservation activities.

Photo of the Day!